Annie Chen is the artist behind LEMONNI. She is a self-taught graphic designer with a deep love for prints and patterns. She started her home accessories label LEMONNI in 2013 with the idea of bringing happiness to home through patterns and colours. Annie loves to use motifs with crisp lines and colours with a soft retro palette in her designs. Her style is often described as whimsical, playful, and reminiscent of the 60s. Her inspirations come from traveling, and her love for nature and animals. She now licenses her artwork to various manufacturers around the world.
Annie is currently based in Vancouver, BC, living with two furry kids – Waffles the bunny and Sammy the puppy.

Find Annie's full portfolio and online shop at

Traverse furniture and light collection with Willow & Stump.

Summer swimwear collection for Ollie & Squish.

Stationary for Diverse ID.

Teepee design for Crate & Kids.

Backpack design for Petit Monkey.

Polar Magic fabric collection for FIGO Fabrics.

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