Made in Taiwan, assembled in Canada, and reprogrammed in the UK, I have been an international advertising and documentary photographer for the last decade.
My journey in photography hasn't been the most straightforward one. I spent five tough years at one of the top business schools in Canada, only to discover that the path I was truly passionate about was that of a full time photographer. For the next two years I somehow survived the traumatic experience of being a lousy assistant working for some of the greatest photographers today. I went on to study for my master degree in documentary photography at the London College of Communication. When I finished I realized I had a knack for telling stories in a lyrical visual language and that I could contribute a little bit to the photography world with this unique voice.
Growing up with Eastern and Western influences, I've learned to always look at things with infused perspectives and aesthetics. I am attracted to energy, forms, light, and raw emotions. In my photographs I mix these elements with my life experiences to communicate what I see in this fascinating world.
Vancouver is my home base, but I travel often. I like old school 90s hip-hop. I play basketball because I love competing as a team. I like running because it is so honest: you get back exactly what you put in. People say I am a pretty positive and easy-going guy. These sentiments are how I try to live on a daily basis.
I have had the privilege to work all over the world with some of the brightest minds in our industry over the last 10 year. I hope the galleries here can speak for themselves. If you would like to meet-up and flip through my latest print portfolio, please reach out and lets connect.

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